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"Art in Motion or AIM is a podcast that spotlights contemporary BIPOC artists and creatives. AIM is a space for creatives to share their journey, stories, and lived experiences from their own perspectives. Chapter 1: Taking AIM at Only in San José during the San José Constitutional Convention as residents take aim at amending their City Constitution. Each episode spotlights creatives who are working at the intersection of art and social justice with a relationship to San José, CA."


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October 21st, 7p

Public Staged Reading

JAZZ CANARY, MEET SAMURAI CROW (working title) by Andrew Saito is a new work in progress about a forgotten corner of history: During World War II, Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs enlisted African American prisoners of war (POWs) in ‘Negro Propaganda Operations’ to record radio dramas that contrasted the horrors of US racism with the joys POWs supposedly experienced in Japan. Japan’s goal was to broadcast these plays in Black American communities and foment civil unrest and destabilize its enemy from within.


Our Digital Stories Vol. 9

The ODS crew return for Volume 9 of our digital story-telling program! With OUR DIGITAL STORIES, we are looking to continue this work through regular episodes where we will present a number of individual Digital Stories while partnering with different community service and arts organizations to help support them.

A collage of Tasi in different costumes from various shows

Multiverse of Gladness

TASI ALABASTRO is an Asian Pacific Islander and award-winning artist residing in California. Of the many things he believes in, he believes boredom is an essential part of the creative process and is always looking to explore that topic. He holds a special place in his heart for helping people bridge the gap between their ideas and execution; better 'done' than 'perfect' fuels his waking hours. He’s comfortable on-stage, on-camera, behind the camera, and wherever he might fit. That being said, he's also gained some weight during the Pandemic and tangentially learned which pants are better for work. Answer: None.

Recipient of the Silicon Valley Emerging Artist Laureate (2018) and the Leigh Weimer’s Emerging Artist Award (2019), Tasi has also been featured in the Silicon Valley Arts & Culture Magazine, CONTENT, and is a proud alumnus of the Multicultural Arts Leadership Institute (MALI). His work with Red Ladder Theatre Company involves facilitating workshops with marginalized communities; this includes incarcerated men and women in California Correction Facilities, Children on the spectrum, and homeless and runaway youth, all of which have been featured on KQED and Theatre Bay Area Magazine.

Tasi has also enjoyed the heck out of making content on Youtube, Twitch, and various social media platforms. His content and community can be described as goofy warm, casual, and oft-surprisingly insightful. 

If you would like to connect with him on projects, please use the contact form below to slide into the DMs.


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