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A hand up in STUFFED…

UPDATE (09/19/11): STUFFED receives the AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD (screening group A) and BEST ORIGINAL SONG! (Source)


I suggest watching it first, before reading about it…

Yup, I get my hands into everything. That’s me, I enjoy being involved and versatile. In the case of STUFFED, my hand was up in there alright. But you’ll have to watch it to see what I mean. This particular 48 Hour Film Project was unlike the previous ones we’ve done; We had the story skeleton and plot ready to go within 30 mins of receiving our criteria. The only hitch was, in order for it to work, we had to drive apporx. two hours north, to Sacramento to pick up some precious cargo. One of the film’s stars, Francisco…the puppet. Oh, and the co-star, the sock puppet, which was designed and created by friend, Leah Abucayan.

Francisco and Sock Friend!

Shooting began in timely fashion on Saturday and we rolled through most of the scenes fairly quickly–quick frankly, it might’ve been due to the fact that Richard and I improvised through the entire film. This marks one of the few times I’ve shared a fair amount of screen time with my long time friend and frequent collaborator (Richard) and to say it was a blessing and a blast is an understatement.

Richard working on the ray gun...all buff-like.

Lines of dialogue and storyline weren’t the only thing shot guerilla and improvised–shooting was taken care in similar fashion. We’re on a deadline folks, whatever you can do to get to the post production process while still maintaining a story that you feel comfortable with, the better!

Yep, I'm holding that light up with an UMBRELLA-ella-ella!

We have a tendency to work with the same cast and crew primarily for the sake of mobility and ease during the 48hrs, but we do like to add one or two fresh faces per project and in this case, meet Tammie Paek. She plays Ilene Jeffers, Ricky’s blind-date and love interest…

What a bunch of flirts!

When people think of movies, they think glitz and glamor, hah! Let’s set the record straight, working on a film is hard work no matter what budget you’re dealing with. But you know, when it’s a passion, time takes a seat at the bench and you’re free to relish in creativity.

On the floor of my apartment room...

And this was about, 3am?


All in all, that weekend wrapped up wonderfully with all the usual suspects in play, minus our Marden brother, Leej. While Andrew was editing, Jeremy (Passion) was busy scoring the footage we sent him and even put down a short jingle that I feel really plays through the scene well and, in my hopes, offered Jeremy an outlet to try new things.

Work work work...

We even managed to turn it in on time (this time!)…

SM crew minus 1 at the turn in with 48hr Producer, Vincent Lowe

And within a week, it was ready for the premiere! But if you weren’t able to catch it then, enjoy it here! Please feel free to share and subscribe!

Bye bye for now!

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