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Acrylic self-portrait during a turbulent time

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"Tasi is one of those rare people who does incredible work and also is a joy to work with. I've worked with him on multiple projects - most recently some cover art for my audiobooks. He was collaborative, supportive, and met every deadline. His artistry shows range and focus. I can't recommend him enough. He also took my headshots. I'm usually uncomfortable when getting my photo taken, but Tasi created a safe and fun space that resulted in the best headshots of my life."

Maria Marquis | Actor

Illustrations At Home

Fully rendered & sketch-at-play

Self Contained
Self Portrait
Cycling Through
Bench Banch
Little Red
Viking Kid Wading
Deer Lady
Whirlpool School
Horrible Men
Keep Red In
Owl Woods
Send Raven
Alley Monstah
This is America
Snow Garden
Sriracha Says YES
Laziness in Cleaning
Wood Carving
Twitch Emotes
Bad Manor Jammers - Act 1 Ep. 1
Bad Manor Jammers - Act 1 Ep. 2
Bad Manor Jammers - Act 2 Ep. 3
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