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SVCreates Emerging Artist Laurette


The SVLaureate program recognizes our region’s finest artists through a competitive process, using independent expert panels, and honor these artists with unrestricted cash prizes, promotion, and recognition with an award at the annual SVArts Awards. 

“I’ve always been inspired by creative problem-solving. When working in theater and film, you come across a lot of interesting problems. I think the sense of empowerment doubles when one applies their personal creative wealth toward solving problems." - Tasi Alabastro

Leigh Weimer's Emerging Artist Award


"The “emerging” label doesn’t bother Alabastro at all, though; he actually embraces it.

“I believe for myself that the word ’emerging’ is just part of my core,” he told me following Wednesday’s award presentation at the Hammer Theatre Center in downtown San Jose. “I’m leaning harder into it and making it work for me. Life as an artist has been much easier knowing that. I’ll just pick up a new skill because I’m emerging.”" - Sal Pizarro, The Mercury News

Context: As a recipient of the 2019 Leigh Weimer's Emerging Artist grant, I was tasked with coming up with an introduction to play for the award-day audience that aligned with my artistic career. In this case, a working life in the performing arts as a theatre artist. Immediately after this video played I launched into a short presentation on stage which concluded with a select monologue from a recent gig.

Watch the vlog here!

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