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Every Brilliant Thing by Duncan Macmillan with Jonny Donahoe

directed by Lisa Mallette

“Alabastro’s performance, informed by Lisa Mallette’s well-paced direction, heavily engages his audience. Impromptu participation can be frightening, especially if a patron is only looking to plop down unbothered for a pleasant evening of theater. Alabastro demystifies that fear and turns it into a sort of trauma-informed communion. Folks play his pop, professors and the love of his life, while others read the Narrator’s ever-growing list built from a child’s unwarranted guilt and melancholia.”

“Alabastro’s attention to the craft of storytelling entrances. When one audience member, representing a veterinarian, moved slightly away from honesty, Alabastro gently and warmly reminded her of maintaining the tale’s integrity as they moved forward together and tried again.” -  DAVID JOHN CHÁVEZ. Mercury News

Promotional photo of Tasi Alabastro (en) and Dane Lentz (asl)

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