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Butt end of 2011. The retrospect.

If you read my post about taking care of TO DO lists, then this entry is a validation of those practices. At the end of 2010, I looked back at the year and realized I had done so much with some of my actions yielding successes that can’t measured by tangible items, but the value of my network and contributions to the community. I made a silent promise to do a better job documenting 2011 –and here we are, at the close of 2011, my rough and carefully prepared list is good to go.

It may look bare but within each of these activities are sub-activities that lead me to the next. If 2010 was about digging the foundation to a house, 2011 was my execution of parts of a larger blueprint. Brick by brick –leading into 2012.


  1. Signed up with SF Casting 1yr

  2. Auditioned:

  3. Raymond (cast)


  1. TheatreWorks Improv class

  2. 48HR Go Green: UNSPOKEN

  3. CMTSJ: Chicago promo vid



  1. Auditioned:

  2. Playwright Center of San Francisco (cast)

  3. WonderCon, San Francisco

  4. 48HR Go Green: NAB/Vegas trip

  5. JP Neang’s mural shoot

  6. Moreau concert shoot



  1. 48HR Film Project

  2. San Francisco: GRIM

  3. Long Day, Short Film Festival

  4. Saw Avenue Q


  1. Callback:

  2. Buffalo’ed – San Jose Stage Company

  3. Of Mice and MenSan Jose Repertory Theatre’s Touring Show

  4. Gigs:

  5. Storyboarding on Dark Harvest

  6. Cotillion Shoot



  1. Callback:

  2. SantaLand Diaries – City Lights Theater Company

  3. Gigs:

  4. Tech/Spot Op for SPRING AWAKENING at San Jose Repertory Theatre


  1. Gigs:

  2. Tech/Spot Op for CABARET at San Jose Stage Company

  3. Storyboarding on Dark Harvest

  4. Stage/Monologue reading of Buffalo’ed at Writer’s Convention

  5. SURPRISE DINNER shoot with Rufus da Squirrel

  6. Wedding shoot – Gabe and Jessica Ferreras

  7. Moved to a new apartment

  8. Square Marden film weekend



  1. Vacation trip to Hawai’i

Did you find yourself doing ‘out of the box’ in 2011? If so, what were some of your highlights? Share away in the comment box below. And as always, I’d love to hear from you directly –tweet me at Follow @tasialabastro

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