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The weekend in digest, 02-19-2011

Before the next weekend starts, I want to recap highlights from last weekend!


• Auditioned at San Jose Repertory Theatre • Carpooled with @squaremarden family to San Luis Obispo • Received our 48hr Film Project criteria and collected and assembled ideas until Saturday morning, 5am


• 8a, up and at em. Shower, breakfast and off to the first shot of the day in downtown San Luis Obispo • 11a, socks are soaking wet but first few shots are in the bag • 2p, still shooting, purchased umbrellas for cast & crew • 4p, arrive at Pismo Beach, still drenched–crew morale: soaked in optimism • 6p, wrapping up final shots, shooting took a break on account of torrential downpour followed by a surprise pelting from HAIL (wtf, lol) • 7p, shower then cuddling under a blanket watching dunk contest while cast and crew take naps • 9p, FIRESTONE –delicious and scrumptious meal. Andrew starts editing soon after


• 5a, I vividly remember waking up to Jeremy behind his piano, scoring. That made me smile. What a trooper • 10a, cast and crew stir-to-wake, I’m eating left overs from Saturday’s IHOP breakfast • 5p, Leejay, Geoff and I shoot the credit sequence of the film while brainstorming for a title • 7p, rendering…hiccups and rendering • 9p, our hosts prepare an amazing BBQ feast –WE CELEBRATE! • 10p, music is bumping, drinks all around, still feasting. –We screen our short and there’s applause all around. We had a great time and experience and that, for me, was worth everything


• AVTing in the noon time. Nothing else we did that day mattered. We ATV’d on the sandy dunes of Pismo Beach. Amazing.

I applaud my friends for their efforts and zest this past weekend.

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