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“UNSPOKEN”, seen and heard in Vegas pt. 2 of 3

The next few days were more of the same; Late nights with each other’s company and early morning breakfast hunting.

This was the hip hop room of MARQUEE in Tao. It was jam packed! And by jam pack I mean with people and great music!


There wasn’t much room to get your groove on, but there was a certain chemistry in that atmosphere that lent itself to an outrageous body moving fest. It reminded me of that underground party scene in Zion from The Matrix.

You know what they say about shoe size...

But we weren’t here to party (haha, pssshh!), we were here to eat food and attend NAB. And eat we did. I can’t remember which day of the week it was, but we managed to find ourselves in a little place called SERENDIPITY 3. Richard and Janely have been there before and threw out a couple of recommendations. All of which were mighty tasty. Geoff, Jeremy, Leejay and I ordered their breakfast steak sandwich and their famous frrrozen hot chocolate. Hang over food if I’d ever heard of it.

Managed to snap this photo before being seated. I think it sums Vegas pretty well…

Welcome to Vegas!

Serendipity 3's menu...

Just half of the massive breakfast steak sandwich!

And the impressive frrrozen hot chocolate…

I highly recommend it.

After all our meals there was just this general meandering of our group through the strip. Hey, we were on semi-vacation, there’s only so much sinning a group of people can commit to…right?

Rovering band of misfits.

After a while the days start blending into one hot mess. But there are still these fun touristy moments that remind me that there’s some marvel and magic at play in this city of lights, glitz, glamor and excess.


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