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Minna Tour

Close to the heels of its successful screening in Vegas (NAB), UNSPOKEN, was selected as one of three short films being screened at MINNA GALLERY: an arts organization event that spotlights independent creatives in visual arts, film, fashion, music, hair & make-up artistry, photography, models and performing arts (source). The event is called “RAW: Natural Born Artists” and the theme for the San Francisco based event was “INCITE“.

We even had a neat little blurb about Square Marden!


All of this, of course, could not have happened without everyone’s support and there are a handful of friends/supporters who are immerse themselves in the art community and are genuinely enthused with helping independent artists; One such friend/supporter is Vincent Lowe. He’s seen us in the infancy days of Barkada Inc and has always been a source of inspiration. We’ve also had the pleasure and opportunity to grace his blog, SEE IT ONLINE.

The screening was a blast! Here are some photos:

The view from the make-up section of the gallery...

Geoff and Leejay enjoying themselves with refreshments.

The models worked through the night it seemed..

Also, they ate a lot of chinese food. That was amusing.

Monica and I, and evening of huzzah!

Dunno about you but this reminds me of the leviathan summon in Final Fantasy 7 (?)...

Insert your own caption...

There are people missing!

Most of the Square Marden family!

All in all a great evening. There were, however, a handful of extended Mardens missing at the event. The rest of the cast and crew who were missed were Janely Nebre, Elizabeth Nishea, Jeremy Manongdo and Stephen Rose! Bummer, but perhaps on the next screening!

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