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Another day, another Crush

That’s the title of another short we shot this past weekend: CRUSH.

It’s written by Richard Gali and we spent a little bit of time workshopping the dialogue. It’s another ambitious piece as it sits at a whooping ten pages! That’s exactly the page count for JUST LKE THAT. We approached this one more like our 48 Hour Film Projects in that it was mostly guerilla shooting. We relied heavily on available natural lighting and locations that would just let us shoot there as long as they could continue with their day-to-day activity.

Most of our shoot took place at a neat space called The Market on San Pedro Square. Special shout outs to Nate who was gracious enough to allow us to shoot there for a few hours. We had to squeeze in a few pages with a quickness because by 10a the place was starting have its weekend bustle; The stream of patrons only increased the closer it came to lunch.

Our friend, Christian Pizzirani came out to play with us and was our shooter/director for the day. Familiar faces came out too; Sarah Klaren, Monica Alegre, Gino Villanueva, Chris Eldridge, Chris Yu Gaoiran, Lauren Halliwell, Nila Le and her fella, Mike came out to support and be a part of it!

Our friends, and Extras! L-R: Gino Villanueva, Chris Yu Gaoiran, and Monica Alegre

Reviewing a take…

In typical (from my experience, anyway) indie movie making fashion, we were running a little behind on what we needed to get done but we weren’t running on any deadlines so we didn’t take it so bad. We started shooting our exteriors just past noon.

Lauren stuck around for a bit before heading out. It was good catching up with her. She’s an old co-worker but she was also part of a music video Rich and I shot some years ago, so it was great having her back.

Oh, movies. L-R, Lauren Halliwell, Tasi Alabastro, Sarah Klaren

We broke for lunch at 2p and treated the cast and crew to various delicious food items from The Market. It’s either everyone was really hungry at that point or distracted because no one snapped photos of the food! Oh well, sorry folks, you’ll have to look for food photos in another post.

I think it was a healthy decision for us to do two projects, ten pages each, using various styles –one was more planned out, involving 20-25 people, and this one, run-and-gun with 7-8 people tops! It was a long day but it definitely added to the experience of filmmaking. It’ll only get better from here. No one ever got some place righteous without trying and learning, right?

We wrapped the day by 6p, with 2-3 pages left to shoot in our script. Luckily we took care of all the scenes that involved other people in addition to us. The next step is to finish shooting the remaining scenes, assembling the edit, and figuring out if which scenes we’ll need to ADR (automated dialogue replacement). Stay tuned for those updates! And don’t forget to like our page:

Interested in learning more about what went on throughout the day? Feel free to leave a question/comment below, or Tweet us at: Follow @squaremarden and Follow @richardgali

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