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"Art in Motion or AIM is a podcast that spotlights contemporary BIPOC artists and creatives. AIM is a space for creatives to share their journey, stories, and lived experiences from their own perspectives. Chapter 1: Taking AIM at Only in San José during the San José Constitutional Convention as residents take aim at amending their City Constitution. Each episode spotlights creatives who are working at the intersection of art and social justice with a relationship to San José, CA."


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AAPI Heritage Month

It's Asian American Pacific Islander Month and I encourage you to seek out some amazing AAPI artists and creators and support them. If you're here and would like to support, please consider being a patron of mine and visit ko-fi.com/tasialabastro

May 2022


Mar 26th-Apr 24th, 2022

City Lights Theatre Company, CA - I've long desired to help share this story and I'm grateful to finally get a chance, and with an unbelievable team! "It’s 1975, Saigon has fallen, and Quang and Tong should be grateful they’ve made it to the United States. But he lost his wife and she lost her brother. And Arkansas is way too weird. In this irreverent comedy told in Qui Nguyen’s audacious style, these two Vietnamese refugees try to find their way home, wherever that is. In the process, they just might find each other. Modern hip-hop meets 1970s America in an exciting mashup of history and cultures."

Show: TWELFTH NIGHT the musical

Dec 1st-Jan 15th, 2022

SF PLAYHOUSE, CA - Catch me in a musical adaption of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night as Fabian! I join this incredible ensemble of actors for a night of fun, music, and shenanigans! "Twelfth Night is a rousing contemporary musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic romantic comedy about mistaken identity and self-discovery. On the twelfth day of Christmas, shipwrecked Viola washes up on the shores of Illyria, disguises herself as a man, is sent to court a countess and falls hard for a Duke. As she navigates the gender confusion in all her roles, she finds her true self and true love in the process. Featuring an original jazz-funk score by Shaina Taub, Twelfth Night is a soulful shake-up of a Shakespearean classic, perfect for the 12th night of Christmas or any day of the year."

A collage of Tasi in different costumes from various shows

Multiverse of Gladness

TASI ALABASTRO is an Asian Pacific Islander and award-winning artist residing in California. Of the many things he believes in, he believes boredom is an essential part of the creative process and is always looking to explore that topic. He holds a special place in his heart for helping people bridge the gap between their ideas and execution; better 'done' than 'perfect' fuels his waking hours. He’s comfortable on-stage, on-camera, behind the camera, and wherever he might fit. That being said, he's also gained some weight during the Pandemic and tangentially learned which pants are better for work. Answer: None.

Recipient of the Silicon Valley Emerging Artist Laureate (2018) and the Leigh Weimer’s Emerging Artist Award (2019), Tasi has also been featured in the Silicon Valley Arts & Culture Magazine, CONTENT, and is a proud alumnus of the Multicultural Arts Leadership Institute (MALI). His work with Red Ladder Theatre Company involves facilitating workshops with marginalized communities; this includes incarcerated men and women in California Correction Facilities, Children on the spectrum, and homeless and runaway youth, all of which have been featured on KQED and Theatre Bay Area Magazine.

Tasi has also enjoyed the heck out of making content on Youtube, Twitch, and various social media platforms. His content and community can be described as goofy warm, casual, and oft-surprisingly insightful. 

If you would like to connect with him on projects, please use the contact form below to slide into the DMs.


Playing in TheatreWork’s New Works Festival

Okay, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover so let’s jump right in! Chairs. Stands. Lights. And voice. If you’ve been following this blog for some time you’ll know that I do my best to promote new work on stage. And new work often comes in various forms, and one of them are stage readings. If I’ve done a good enough job curating my blog, then this link should give you access to every stage reading post. It might be worth noting that at the time this opportunity found me, I was H

A Docufiend’s Confession (2016)

I wish I could say I waited three years to update my blog because my favorite number is three. Hell, even that last sentence had three I’s. But no, my last entry lay somewhere in the cuts of 2013 for no good reason except the need to change things up so I stopped updating altogether. BUT! Big but. But not updating does not mean I stopped documenting. I’m a sucker for documentation, you see, often finding fuel-for-change in the embers of sentimentalism. So instead of writing a

2013 in review, according to you and WordPress

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,200 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 37 trips to carry that many people. Click here to see the complete report. #Annualreport #postaday2013 #SanFranciscocablecarsystem #WordPress #postaday

May 2013 in Photography

1) We applied tarp to our rehearsal space for Jack Rabbit by Peter Hsieh (SJREAL). This is a shot of Eva, played by Hannah Rose, after she’s been beaten to a pulp by a Vampire Hunter. Don’t worry, we had a fight choreographer on site and no one was hurt…for the most part. 2) The San Jose Repertory Theatre had a production of Christopher Marlowe’s The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, and part of the production were shadow puppets. Gina Marie Hayes was in charge of those dev

Mi, or so I call her…my mother.

A smile can stir a whole Universe, and its value can never be underestimated. Even if it takes the fury to get there. By example you taught me that faith in self is just as important as faith in others. That sometimes to find your way, you’ll have to brave the tempests of the Heart. That sunshine is power, and moonbeams can be used for the soul to travel with finesse. And finally, that action without passion is like a planet without gravity. Thank you Mom. #postaday2013 #musi

April 2013 in Photography

1) I re-visit Las Vegas, and this time for a family wedding. I definitely appreciated it more this time around. Despite sinning less on this trip, it was surprisingly more rewarding altogether. 2) On nights when I’m not able to carpool after rehearsal, I resort to having to take the very last train back down to San Jose (from San Francisco). Normally I’m dog tired and am able to sleep through most of it. 3) In Berkeley, I saw a show called The Language Archive by Julia Cho. I


I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a poet. If poetry is the manifestation of the mind’s abstraction, plotted like a garden on a fertile page, Coaxed to grow, with lofty intent… Then no, I am no poet. But if poetry were a byproduct of listening- -to Heart -to Earth -to You And the words glowed in your mind, Like stardust And refreshed, Like lilac dew And the result was an anchored breath on a rippling soul… Then I am alive.  Alive. Alive. Tasi Alabastro 2013 #stars

Lovecraft Magic Drift

What started off as a search for the right words to describe these tectonic states, evolved into a 3am dance, to music I didn’t hear, but felt. Be chill, my molten Heart. LOVECRAFT MAGIC DRIFT There’s a kind of magic that lingers where the Sand, Ocean and the Sun’s fingertips meet. On that holy property of Mother Nature is where, with any reasonable guess, all love craft is drawn. Why else would I be a ship wrecked on a free Spirit’s wind? Beached and unable to transcribe


GRASP There is a vastness in self-reflection. The ground saturated with doubt, The air, rife with the weight of worries, past and future And above, the sky painted as a collage of could’ve, should’ve and would haves… But for those who remain steadfast A well-spring of Hope nurtures an Oasis. And luckier still, are those who find someone there to share the stories. Tasi Alabastro, 2013 #selfdiscoveries #selfreflection #postaday2013 #DigOutYourSoul #Oasis #poetry #poem #poems #

March 2013 in Photography

1) Carina captured looking wistful in two mirrors backstage. 2) Just a quick doodle of myself. 3) Weslei backstage going over his lines. Bindlestiff Studio’s backstage offers a few nocks and crannies to hide and focus. 4) During one of our breaks, I visited a local coffee shop and happened across this couple decompressing. 5) In between the full time job and doing a show in San Francisco, I try to find balance by playing some video games. This was the midnight release of Bios

A Kind of Sad Love Story

Okay- this post really isn’t about a personal kind of sad love story. In fact, it’s about a happy story about being cast in Jeffrey Lo‘s (not so unfamiliar to this blog) A Kind of Sad Love Story. The entire cast (minus one) were there for the table read. Twelve in all. Yup. Twelve. Twelve to be divided into two casts- A and B. The direction the creative team is taking with this (World) premiere is to present the play with two casts! That’s right- while I haven’t completely wr

Three things I want to finish before 2013

But probably won’t. The end of the year holiday rush is upon us. Droves of people flocking to the malls and outlets to get their last minute shopping in; ribbons, wrappers, and scotch tape are being pieced together with a flurry not unlike that of an expert swordsman in a battlefield. Or some other flurriest thing… Here are three things I want to finish doing before 2013…but probably won’t. Finish writing Amazon reviews I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to place more than

To Bench or not to Bench

TO BENCH! No question. A three performance weekend w h o o s h e d by faster than a Felix Baumgartner could re-enter the atmosphere. Alright, maybe not that fast but dammit, time flies when you’re having fun and the Bench Project II was over before I knew it. I was just starting to get used to the way the dressing room would settle into this musky scent when everyone was in there, flying out of their costumes. Oh, and I was starting to enjoy tip toeing backstage because the v

What is cue to cue?

Or in short, Q2Q. And according to Wikipedia (hah): A cue-to-cue is when the sound and lights are run with certain parts of scenes within the production. Usually a scene will start with the first few lines and then skip to the lines and staged blocking for the next cue. This whole process can take many hours, and though it is beneficial for all aspects of production, it can become very tedious. They have been known to run long hours, mainly due to multiple runs of the show wi

November 2012 in Photography

November 2012 has been an inconsistent month when it comes to weather. This time last year, I was Mr. Bundle-Up. On this go around, I can’t count how many times I’ve had to change my wardrobe upon stepping out of my place on account of a drastic shift in weather. November came and went without much fanfare- here’s to December! Actors in the green room. L-R: Jonathan Amores, Addie Walters In the middle of tech rehearsal… 1) Recreating Abbey Road, or as I’d like to think, getti

Ain’t nobody got time for that

Sweet Brown will tell you, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” Those were the guiding words during our rehearsal for The Lookout. Before I tell you who Sweet Brown is, and why she didn’t have time for that (whatever that is), let me first tell you of some good news! After some time away from touching anything JUST LIKE THAT related- I’m back on track with getting my short film finished. I mentioned in a previous post that Joel and I had completed a first rough cut, but I went a

Dodging Bullets

Dodging bullets, not literally of course… That’s the name of the other short play I’ve been cast in for 06 Ensemble’s The Bench Project II (seven plays total). It’s written and directed by 06 Ensemble’s co-founding member, Skyler Garcia. I applaud his debut (both in writing and directing) effort! The script reads well; pacing is fantastic, content is engaging, and it really offers a lot to an actor. I’m re-lacing the combat boots and assuming the role of Captain Bautista, who

All over Saturday

Variety is the spice of Life! That’s what they say, right? Well, Saturday didn’t say it, it yelled it! My morning started an Arts Expo where I got to meet a lot of interesting organizations that provide resources to educators to bring arts back into schools. We need more of this! By noon I was off to the city to make an audition with Bindlestiff Studios for the World Premiere of Jeffrey’s play, A Kind of Sad Love Story. Minus a few minor public transportation hiccups, I made

Wanna hear a joke?

That’s the first line I utter in Jake Arky’s play, The Lookout. I like it already! My character’s got jokes– okay, you quickly realize it’s not the type of joke you would typically hear around town. Then again, I don’t know about some of you, and the filthy activities you find yourselves in! Hah- I kid, I kid. In The Lookout I play a  “middle-management” type street hustler whose urban vernacular twists my tongue more than it sags my pants. I accept the challenge! We spent mo