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Balancing life with the weekend

And a healthy dose of balance.

This weekend has been a treat. As you might remember, I wrapped my short film, JUST LIKE THAT, last week and I’ve been taking every opportunity to hang out with friends, watch movies, eat tasty treats and even catch a little theatre.

Friday night was spent with some old friends, all of which have been busy on their own hustle grind. Dare I say, they’re busier than me! These folks definitely inspire me. And there was a lot of “inspiring” there that night, in the form of shots. Lots and lots of shots.

The Mardens, photo courtesy of Jeremy “Passion” Manongdo

Friday night. Reunion at an old stomping ground, PLAYGROUND in San Francisco

Saturday was an early day. I negotiated the four hours of sleep I managed to have with a tall cup of Philz Coffee and some micro naps on the train. First stop was a scheduled audition at Dragon Productions Theatre Company. Post audition thought revolved primarily around the muscle of auditioning and how rarely I’ve flexed it in the past few months. Audition more, I get it Universe.

I didn’t get a callback to this piece. But that’s okay, on to the next!

Hopped on the train and made my way to Berkeley Repertory Theatre to catch Emotional Creature by Eve Ensler (author of The Vagina Monologues). I took a friend who I met during a photoshoot gig I did a few weeks ago; part of a joint campaign with Retrofit Republic and Thick Dumpling Skin. Stay tuned for that blog post.

Overall the show was terrific. I walked in already having an idea of what I was going to be in for. But what I really enjoyed was the post show discussion. Berkeley Rep is introducing a talk back model in which audience members have to turn around to address whoever is facilitating the talk back. The reason for is simple, the audience members open themselves up with each other -I felt it was a great way to promote dialogue with everyone you just shared this experience with. Good move Berkeley Rep.

On a side note, Berkeley, you never cease to surprise me.

Audience of one…

Sunday was a slow introduction back into potential new projects. Started the day with a power brunch with some theatre friends/creatives who wanted to re-connect. And what better way to reconnect than with food!  And not just any food, but Filipino comfort food!

Special thanks to Lawrence-Michael Arias and Alex Hsu for hosting this delightful brunch, and for Jeffrey and Michelle for being there as well

It was great hearing about how they got started and what they’re looking to do this year. I’m definitely excited to be developing projects with these talented folks. Topped off brunch with a scoop of this cookies and creme with cookie dough ice cream!

Immediately after brunch, I made my way over to The Market on San Pedro Square for a Square Marden pre-production meeting on a project Richard has been incubating for some months now, a Zombie musical that incorporates…well, I actually shouldn’t say until it’s fully ready.


But what I can share with you is this photo of beer.

Oh and the crew!

What a crew! L-R, Christian Pizzirani, Tasi Alabastro, Brian Dublin, John Enriquez, Richard Gali, Gino Villanueva, Monica Alegre, Amy Holsten, Joel Hinojosa and Janely Nebre (not pictured)

Richard treated us to a powerpoint presentation, hah, on his iPad and we broke for a minute to jot down roles we’d all be interested in participating in. I opted for the challenge of writing and cinematography (DP). No challenge, no growth -right?

It’s been quite the weekend, and glancing back I realize that I can’t escape the life of hustling and sharing projects with people -and I’m okay with that.

As long as there’s food. And laughter.

Fan of Filipino comfort food? Or maybe you just want to talk about the show and what I thought of it, leave me a comment below, or you can tweet me at Follow @tasialabastro

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