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There were cookies and greenscreens!

It feels like we just finished a round of 48hrs film making and it’s largely due to the introduction of the 48 Go Green Film Competition which fell on February, and was new to us this year. Square Marden was right back in there for this past weekend’s San Francisco 48hr.

Here’s our criteria/movie elements:

Character: Dan/Danielle Sagan, Debt Collector Prop: Chalk Line of Dialogue: “Do you have any questions?”

In typical Square Marden fashion, we settled in the evening with some food and conversation that ultimately leads to a full on brainstorming session. Andrew arrived just in time for california burritos.

Belly filler...

He didn’t come empty handed either, courtesy of Anthony of Anthony’s Cookies, they brought two boxes full of mouthgasmic cookies!

Ridiculously delicious...

Wracking our brains...

The wildcard genre proved more difficult than initially imagined…and after a night of brainstorming, we had to take a quick nap-refresher to get us back in there…

I blame the food. (photo courtesy of Leejay Abucayan)

It was a rough night, believe me. But hey, this is the norm. So, in that context, it really wasn’t that bad. By noon the next day we were well on our way –we cast two new faces, Jason Lieu, a classmate of mine in my Meisner class. And Brad Livermore, a friend and co-worker of Richard’s. Both were troopers.

Turning a group study room in the public library into an "office" magic.

I think this particular project threw us off because of how semi-complex it ended up becoming, story-wise. In addition, there were a handful of location changes to worry about and the coordination of two cars filled with anxious cast and crew.

L-R: Tasi Alabastro, Andrew Rose, Leejay Abucayan - coming to an agreement..

We had a healthy mix of INT(erior) and EXT(erior) locations. One of our more dangerous stunts required…well, I don’t want to spoil it for you, but here’s a screenshot to get an idea…

Why did the chicken cross the street?

By nightfall we were back to working on INT(erior) shots which included some greenscreen action and some screen time by long time 48hr veteran and member of Square Marden, Richard Gali.

...wait a second...(photo courtesy Geoff Olegario)

It was a particular interesting scene as the motivations took a few different directions and with each one a more defined scene. At the end we had to make a judgement call on the account of how much time we had left on Saturday. The bulk of the evening consisted of killing people off (you’ll understand when you see the movie), and greenscreen work.

This may not make too much sense now...but watch the movie!

Jason Lieu as Dan Sagan, the lead in "GRIM"...

Also, shenanigans ran rampart during the shoot, haha..

Andrew started on the media files a couple of hours before we officially wrapped and I think people were starting to feel a little loopy. Again, another after effect of participating in one of these events. You’d be lucky to get a full night’s sleep if you were working directly with the project.

Finishing off one of the more involved scenes...

I think we wrapped just a bit after midnight and much to our delight, everyone (or most of everyone) was still around so we snagged a cast and crew photo –something that we’ve neglected to accomplish on other shoots.

The cast and crew of the 2011 SF 48HR Film Project, another one down.

Tomorrow is a day of editing and, what I can already predict, a rush to the turn in. Ah yes, an all too familiar feeling…

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