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“UNSPOKEN”, seen and heard in Vegas pt. 1 of 3

If you remember some entries ago, I talked about completing a short film called “UNSPOKEN” for the 48 Go Green Competition. Well, I’m pleased and downright excited to announce that, with your support, we were picked as 1 of 14 finalist to be screened in Vegas! It had the distinct opportunity to play at the Content Theater during the 2011 NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Convention!

Where content comes to life.

Look what we run into on the way to Stockton’s airport…


And the next day…out and about in Sin City…

The Mardens™ and the Marden Fam!

You think Vegas is all about the alcohol, pfft, there’s FOOD there too! And where there’s food, there is much rejoicing. After some trekking from our hotel to the strip, we made a pitstop to Earl of Sandwich. The sandwich was everything you imaged a delicious sandwich to be, the three F’s: flavorful, fresh, and filling. I could probably ramble with various adjectives to describe just how enjoyable this meal was, but I’ll let the photo speak for itself.


And what did we do that first night with all of us together in one room. Make a toast to our fortune and to express gratitude to good fortune and hard work. It was bottoms up all night.


And off to XS The Nightclub at Encore!

It was definitely happening that night...

And without reveling too much –there was plenty of inebriated dancing. Followed by:

Post-Club dining...

Ah, that was a good first night..the screening was just a couple days away and already Vegas was starting to smell on us, haha!

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