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No fire breathing at Dragon Theatre

Today’s Callback was interesting. It was for a play called WONDERFUL WORLD, by Richard Dresser. It took me some time before I warmed up, and even longer to finally feel that familiar fire of Playfulness in an audition space.

I wish I could say I went in really dying to earn the part, but in reality, I was just happy to be there, period. If all I had was one round of readings, I’d probably be okay with that.

But as chance would have it, I had at least six. So hey, not a bad way to start the week! A quick glance at the other participants and I already had a sneaking suspicion I was the odd man out. The play calls for two brothers, two wives and a mother. There were no other asian/pacific islander types there…in fact, there were just two other guys. Hah…catch my drift?

Anyway, I was totally okay with that. Again, I was just happy to find myself back in this. Lately, I’ve been putting in more hours into the “9 to 5” and less in the passion corner. When that starts to happen, my eye brows do this funny thing of turning inward and downward.

Post audition, I linked up with a fellow participant who I could curiously say, I had profound amount of chemistry with. We chatted, drank and dined at NOLA, just a few blocks away. It was fascinating to hear how she ended up discovering and chasing Acting. I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of learning how other people discover their passions.

Not a bad way to top off the night, I must say. And an even better way to star the week!

More decor from NOLA.

Bottoms up.

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