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All over Saturday







That’s what they say, right? Well, Saturday didn’t say it, it yelled it! My morning started an Arts Expo where I got to meet a lot of interesting organizations that provide resources to educators to bring arts back into schools. We need more of this!

You can’t knock on free breakfast, ever. Instant-happy!

By noon I was off to the city to make an audition with Bindlestiff Studios for the World Premiere of Jeffrey’s play, A Kind of Sad Love Story. Minus a few minor public transportation hiccups, I made it right on time! One of the fun things about making it to an audition is to see who else might have made it. In this case, two friends were already there waiting!

Tassandwich? L-R: Nicole Javier, Me, Dana Soliman -always nice to see familiar faces!

Funnily enough, everything seemed to be running according to schedule! Funnily being the operative word since this was, in fact, a Filipino theatre…I joke, of course. But no seriously, the infamous “Filipino Time” was temporarily, and thankfully no where to be felt. Hallelujah!

However, what did end up happening was that I was the only guy scheduled in that time slot- which meant, I had the luxury (that’s right folks) of having myself mixed into the rotation several times as there a total of four actresses in the same slot. In short: Permission to play! Not that I should be restricting myself from playing during an audition but it certainly helped to have that visual push out the door.

Post audition feeling: I had a good time!

On the way back to BART, with chinese take-out in tow, I bumped into an custom print booth that I absolutely had to take a photo of. What was meant to be a simple stop-point-and-shoot turned into a lovely forty minute conversation with the attendant (named Carissa). I discovered that she has a sister who is in LA as an actor, and that she (Carissa) was an Artist who now lives in SF by way of Minneapolis.

We started making things up in various parts of the conversation that the other would then elaborate on and build on. In other words, we took our imaginations out for a spin. Ultimately, we ended up sharing some of that chinese food I bought in exchange for a photo of her and the booth–and I was awarded a bonus of my choice of one of their custom greeting card!

The card that I picked out while she nom’d away on some fried rice.

The day wrapped with a homegirl, fellow actor, and gamer, Sarah, paying me a visit for some good old fashion pajama-beer-and-pizza-video-game party, hah! I have to say, it was the perfect way to end a chilly, damp day. Some good company, warm pajamas, and some pixelated fun. In case you were wondering, we’re playing Dishonored on the Xbox.

Say what you want about the size of my TV…

Here’s to another righteously good week!

What type of adventures do you typically find yourself on, on any given day of the week? I’d love to hear about it!

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