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Filming in the theater

No no, I didn’t go and do some video pirating.

I spent a few hours yesterday filming the interview portion of what will end up in the New Play Development Factory promotional video.

If you’re into theatre AND the process of taking something from page to stage (thanks for that phrase Cara), then stage/developmental readings are the thing for you. If you’re a frequent reader of my blog you’ll notice that I participate in these often. Partly for exposure, also partly for practice, but underneath it all, I do it because it’s fun and I’m a sucker for all behind-the-scenes type things; I don’t discriminate from stage to film.

A couple of weeks ago we shot footage of Ben and Heather (playwright and director, respectively) on the actual stage. Unfortunately, this time around, that space was off limits. Luckily, I managed to get something put together in terms of interview space in the theater’s green room.

One by one the interviewees trickled in. There was a total of four I had to go through, the Festival’s producer and director, Jeffrey Lo, another director, Cara Phipps, and two playwrights, Tom Bruett and Evelyn Jean Pine (who, if you remember, was the playwright of my last stage reading).

I enjoy introducing and including people who are otherwise not familiar with on-set terminology and techniques to try their hand out with things they might find interesting. Case in point, Cara’s enthusiasm for the slate, or clapboard.

"Marker!" Pictured L-R, Tasi Alabastro, Jeffrey Lo, Cara Phipps, Evelyn Jean Pine

Here’s the Playwright-Director line up:

I was excited to get out and shoot! The new camera bag I ordered from B&H arrived in the mail this morning and I was quick to have it road ready.

Side by side with the previous bag. Dwarfed!

It’s funny what a new piece of equipment can do to invigorate enthusiasm.

I always dream to Square Marden.

So ready to make movies again. As much as I prefer to be in front of the camera, there’s something to be said about just making something out of nothing.

Are you someone who enjoys developmental stage readings? I’d love to hear about your experiences. Feel free to use the comment box below. And as always, subscribe via e-mail so you never miss a post!

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