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What is cue to cue?

Or in short, Q2Q. And according to Wikipedia (hah):

 A cue-to-cue is when the sound and lights are run with certain parts of scenes within the production. Usually a scene will start with the first few lines and then skip to the lines and staged blocking for the next cue. This whole process can take many hours, and though it is beneficial for all aspects of production, it can become very tedious. They have been known to run long hours, mainly due to multiple runs of the show within the tech.

The Bench Project II was in full tech swing last Saturday-

First order of business, picking up an important piece, Mr. Bench!

The morning supplied us with plenty of rain and it was nice to be in nice warm theater space. It was also a treat to catch everyone’s pieces in action (for the most part). Here are some of the photos from the day.

Actors in the green room. L-R: Jonathan Amores, Addie Walters

Actors in the green room. L-R: Jonathan Amores, Addie Walters







What a warm little family!

All this tech stuff can really amp up an appetite. By noon, folks were hungry (I mean, actors are always hungry to begin with…) and folks went out for food runs. Cara came back with one of these bad boys!



Yum. With a little over a week left before opening, it’s amazing to see how quickly we were able to assemble these pieces. I’m super excited to finally have an audience to share these stories with.


You’ll find more information below. Hope to see you there!

The group has put together an evening of 7 original short plays that revolve around a “bench”. Stories range from falling in love at a laundromat, gaining independence in the projects of Brooklyn, to discovering relationships in the middle of a war, the Bench Project 2 has something for everyone to enjoy.

Playwrights involved Colette Freedman, Conrad Panganiban, Jake Arky, Julia Cho, Philip Kan Gotanda, Skyler Garcia, and Jeffrey Lo.

Location: Pear Avenue Theater – 1220 Pear Avenue, Unit K in Mountain View, near the intersection of Highway 101 and Shoreline Boulevard.

Performances: (run time is about 90 minutes with intermission) December 7th and 8th at 8 PM December 9th at 2 PM

Admission: A warm jacket or coat to donate for those in need! Cash donations are also welcome!

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