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Don’t mess with the bus driver…

On the way home the other night a random thing happened. It was roughly 11pm and there weren’t a lot of passengers. At some point during the trip this couple with cases of what looked to be, instruments, walked in and had a seat. They were careful to make sure their equipment wasn’t blocking the way.

A few stops later, a woman who looked to be in her 30’s hops in after placing her bike on the rack. I was too far back to really hear anything, but I did see the bus driver instructing her about something, to which she smiled and agreed.

Now, I’m about 10 stops from home when this elderly woman hobbles into the bus. On her way to her seat, the couple in front CLEARLY pulled their equipment aside to let the elderly pass. As soon as the bus gets rolling, the 30yr old woman starts to spout off! She goes bonanza on the couple! She really tears into them, saying things like “Your parents should have taught you some respect” and “Why didn’t you guys give your seats?”.

The couple actually didn’t want it getting to them so they proceeded to just ignore her. THEN the 30yr old woman starts using Jesus Christ as a reference! And that the “savior” should teach them some manners. Hooooo man. Anyway, it was ironical that this lady was being such a trouble maker when it was clear the couple really wanted nothing to do with it. Luckily it was the couple’s stop so they collected their things and scampered off the bus. BUT, get this…as it turns out (as I got a bit of exposition from some other passengers behind me) this lady ALWAYS causes trouble!

Guess who gets thrown out? The 30yr old lady! YEAH! Someone out there is listening.

What I don’t get it…why throw her out at the same stop as the couple she was blasting? Gee, I hope she didn’t gut them or anything. Heavens, that would be horrible.

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