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Walk a few blocks, perform a few lines.

Yesterday, San Jose Stage!

Thanks for hosting the auditions, San Jose Stage!

So get this, this year’s Theatre Bay Area south bay general auditions was hosted by San Jose Stage, which you must know, is literally only a few blocks from where I live! It was quite possibly the most stressfree commute to an audition ever!

When I got there, I was met with a familiar face, who happened to dig all of my faces…the lot of em’.

Oh, Tom, you're such a joker! (Haha, but thanks for being so cool!)

This was my first time participating in the Theatre Bay Area auditions and in case you aren’t familiar with it either–it’s a gathering of equity and non-equity theatres (in this case, just the south bay) wherein they conduct a massive audition for hungry actors.

Believe it or not, being in a room with 20+ people provided me a sense of –how do you say, ‘I don’t see faces, I see bodies…”. I went in with the intention of playing, having fun and I feel, for the most part, it translated over. Of course, there’s that almost overwhelming sensation that these are all important bodies (haha) in the room, and once or twice did I feel nerves shoot through me, and yes, it did affect my performance. I won’t say how, but it did. Lesson learned (sorta).

If I could I would have taken a photo of the audition space, but seeing as it would probably be frowned upon. I present you, the next best thing.


I took about 10-30 mins going through what happened, what I could’ve done better, beating myself up, cursing the wilds of nature before finally concluding with a smile and reinserting the pep in my step. Off to the next audition! To play!Follow @tasialabastro

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