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Voices were scene.

March has been full of surprises that I knew were there.

Wait, before you say, “That doesn’t even make sense!”, hear me out.

pictured: Oscar David Arguello Jr. and Tasi Alabastro

I had a rough idea of what was going to be happening in March -activities, deadlines, film festivals, but I was surprised at the emotions that have been following me through the Month. All positive, just to note. I had a chance to cross off one of my goals last year, and that was to find myself in a piece being screened at Cinequest. Done -thank you Adobe Youth Voices!

The talented youth participants of the camp had the opportunity to screen their pieces at Cinequest and they packed the house! There were a total of about (I misplaced my guide!) 20 short films. They encompassed themes that involved alienation, depression, bullying, teen angst…

Following the event everyone was treated to the Cinequest’s VIP Lounge to have chips, salsa, guacamole and most importantly, ICE CREAM (provided by Ben & Jerry’s). Tasty way to end the event.

Below is a quick collage from the day, complete with professional event photography, DJ mixing up some music, on-camera Q&A sessions –quite the glitz and glamor. Earned and deserved. Congratulations again to all of them.

A collage of the day at Cinequest/Adobe Youth Voices Screening...

Are you a previous participant, or someone wanting to find more information about the event? Or maybe you just enjoyed this post, feel free to leave me a comment below! And don’t forget to subscribe via e-mail so you never miss a post.

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