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The post that really isn’t the post it was supposed to be.

No really, it isn’t.

I was on the way home today when I had a sudden flash of inspiration hit me. Oh, I was excited. I had so much to say on the matter. It was right there, and I placed it on a pedestal in my head with a giant spotlight illuminating it. The first I wanted to do when I got home was write about it—

—flash forward, say, 40 mins and I’m out of the shower, situated warmly on the couch, laptop primed for some finger banging (in the most gentle and typographic way / out of the gutter you dolt!) when suddenly, there on the pedestal…nothing. Not a trace of what I wanted to write about. Blank. Nada. What-the-f**kery kind of moment. Doi! El stupido. Slapped on the wrist by my muse for not being diligent enough to take the proper measures to ensure that the topic I wanted to discuss would be seen by you. Or, others…or…well, let’s face it, anyone that cares enough to peek.


Trust me, it was a good one. –alas, the World will have to wait (or not). So here it is, a post that really isn’t the post it was supposed to be…..but turned out to be a post worth posting for the sake of remembering the crux of not posting fast enough.

Funny, that.

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