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T.G.I.F Indeed!

I wasn’t planning on blogging today but I feel I should put this down on paper…cyber paper? Whatever. I had a midterm for my film and t.v. this morning so I was up bright and early so I could buy a scantron and blue book. I made it on campus early enough to have a tasty breakfast of eggs, wheat bread and sausage. Although cereal may have been a great substitute if I had enough time to find some. The actual midterm was relatively easy. A lot of it came to me as common sense as a person who enjoys watching movies and picking them apart. Our class usually wraps up at 1:10pm but I was done with my midterm by 11:30am and I was quite unsure of what else to do with my afternoon.

So I stuck around. I loitered in the hallway and started a conversation with two Austrian women that was visiting their friend, a classmate of mine. They were very friendly and had physical facial features that were uncommon to me which was interesting and another story all together. At any rate, when my friends popped out and we were able to thoroughly discuss the exam that we all completed, I decided it was time to go. On the way out I stopped by one of the computer labs to check on e-mails and myspace.

Finally, I’m all set to head home when I decided to go (here’s where it gets interesting) in the opposite direction I’m used to going. Before I could reach the exit doors I overheard something. It was lines that were being read out loud. In fact, it sounded like…well, it sounded like an AUDITION! I began my own private investigation and found a couple of females around the corner who were reading scripts! Oh my! Now we’re getting somewhere.

A door opens and out pops what looked to be a director! How did I know he was a director? Pshaw, he had that director glow! Anyway, I introduced myself and said that I’m not an acting student in this institution but somehow accidentally stumbled on an audition in session and that I was an Actor who was interested in, at the very least, turning in a headshot and résumé. He smiled and said, “Oh that’s not necessary, why don’t you grab a script and look it over and we’ll get you in here after her (pointing at one of the other actors in the hallway)”. I said, “Great”, smiled and started reading the script.

Boy, halfway down the page I was even more excited because the script read wonderfully. When it was finally my turn, I walked in, made myself comfortable and introduced myself and answered some of the director’s questions. I suppose he wasn’t used to receiving headshots and résumé just yet and insisted I take them back and he didn’t want to waste my money. Either he wasn’t used to them or I disgusted him thoroughly, lol. I’ll take comfort in believing it was the former. The character I read for was delicious and I wanted to keep reading and trying new things but there were other Actors to consider so I said my thanks and walked out graciously.

I’m finally ready to go home…OR maybe not, just as I was leaving I noticed someone putting up fliers on bulletin boards and it read “Audition, room AT113, “Unwritten””. Oh boy! What timing! What are the odds of that happening? Let’s recap. I was going to go home early, I walk in the complete opposite direction of where I would usually exit, land myself in an audition and another one just as the first one was done…WOW. T.G.I.F indeed.

The second audition was much different. I didn’t see myself in any of the characters but I decided to try anyway. I read for a character labeled only as “Boss” and after my short performance, the expression on the director and his DP surprised even me. They looked like they had seen an angle of their character they had never seen before. I was quite pleased. I remember hearing, “You don’t look the part, but your acting is perfect for it…” That’s good enough for me, haha. The second part of the audition I found amusing because I’ve never had the chance to do this before. They handed me a fake pistol and told me to pretend I was going around some fake building (ala CSI) and that I was looking for someone. And pretend I did! I even held the pistol the way I felt the character would if he were chasing someone. Primed, yet finger not quite on the trigger because I was always peaking past corners and wouldn’t want to shoot any by-standers.

Well that’s it…I wouldn’t have blogged today but boy, I had to get that off my chest. Did you know that auditions give me a natural high? No? Well, now you know! It’s back to work tomorrow at the Theatre but I can’t help but wonder…’gee, what’s in store next week?’

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