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I jotted a few things down last week that I felt was worth blogging. As I was walking home from work I looked up and noticed that I was directly below the migration flight path of birds! Unfortunately my library of bird species is severely limited so I can only comment on what they looked like: Big, white with an expansive wing span. I chucked and quickly replayed moments in movies when everything below a migration of birds would be painted with bird dookie! Fortunately for me and the surrounding business, that wasn’t quite the case. I was completely captivated. They flew in groups of ten and in a “V” formation. (Mighty Ducks, anyone?). The sky was so dense with birds but after five minutes or so, it slowly cleared up. I went home amused and cheerful that I was able to witness that in person and not just on Animal Planet.

The very next day on the way home my bus stopped and just sat idle. The chit chat in the bus started as a buzz then grew into audible whispers of what could be happening. It came at waves starting from the front of the bus. I can only assume that the information from the front of the bus became greatly exaggerated by the time it hit my hears. I thought at first it was some road related accident. You know, like a thirty car pile up or something. Finally, after seven or eight minutes of lingering we started up again. And just like a scene out of a movie, it happened all in slow motion. We passed two blocks randomly littered with police vehicles! There had been a drive-by shooting.

YIKES! This was about five minutes from where I lived too. For those of you that don’t know me, this isn’t the first time this has happened in my life. When I lived in San Francisco there had been a drive-by near a bus stop I walked to every morning for class. Back then I wasn’t too shocked because the neighborhood I was living in wasn’t that great to begin with. But this time around, the neighborhood wasn’t even that bad. A woman in the bus was hysterical and started talking loud enough for the entire bus to hear. “T…this..shouldn’t happen here! I grew up in L.A. it should stay that…n.n..not here!” she exclaimed. I was nearing my stop when the initial shock finally left me.

Birds and drive-bys, in less than two days; Totally blog worthy.

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