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October 2012 in Photography

Here I am, six days into November, posting some photos that stood out to me in October.

I’m going to pull the “Better late than never” card. Hawazaahhh!

San Francisco

The color scheme reminds me of Jufran, banan ketchup…

Greek chorus, in hiding.

Is it the end of the World yet?

Rainy days are a coming…

1) San Francisco. Closing night of The Strange Case of Citizen de la Cruz. Was the City ready to send us off into our post-show blues? 2) Color and efficiency! The abundant line of Google bikes. The campus promotes being green- and as a result, there are bikes available for staff and guests to use to get around. Wonderful! 3) Greek mask. While striking the set to the touring show at work, ANTIGONE, this chorus mask was staring right back at me. Not much of a smiler though. 4) The San Jose Short Film Festival opening night festivities! Their tag line, “Time is short. So are our films.” How delightful. In keeping with the end of the World theme, they had Aztec/Mayan dancers there…as a reminder. 5) It’s rainy season again…(with odd patches of summer reprise). Snapped a shot of this young girl on the bus, tightly gripping her mother, but happily showing off her rain boots. Precious!

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