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November 2012 in Photography

November 2012 has been an inconsistent month when it comes to weather. This time last year, I was Mr. Bundle-Up. On this go around, I can’t count how many times I’ve had to change my wardrobe upon stepping out of my place on account of a drastic shift in weather. November came and went without much fanfare- here’s to December!

Actors in the green room. L-R: Jonathan Amores, Addie Walters

Actors in the green room. L-R: Jonathan Amores, Addie Walters

In the middle of tech rehearsal...

In the middle of tech rehearsal…

1) Recreating Abbey Road, or as I’d like to think, getting lucky on a Sunday morning. 2) Nestling up with a comfortably hot cup of coffee and couch at a local cafe. What’s a November month without at least one of these days? 3) Met this little fella at Philz Coffee. He was in for the pats and rubs and not the fresh roast. To each their own. 4) Cafe life. I found myself on an evening walk, meandering through the off-set grid of Downtown San Jose. 5) Don’t let the name fool you, the “Green Room” is rarely ever green. But you’re bound to run into an actor, or two. 6) Lucky shot as we were running through tech rehearsal for 06 Ensemble’s The Bench Project II. Pictured are talented artists working on their craft.

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