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We celebrated my boss’ birthday today at work.

There was an impromptu disco dance party and lots of nibbles.

Happy Birthday Margaret! I love how festive her side of the room is.

Look at those festive cookies! There were strawberries too. Also -champagne and apple cider!

I settled for several helpings of what you’d consider classic “lunchables” arrangements. Oh and I went gonzo on the strawberries. But look what else was on the table. Did DORITOS re-brand?!

Post-work activity included jumping back into working on (In Like) Lint. Today’s task was extra writing and storyboarding some images that have been floating in my head.

Are you a filmmaker, or interested in learning more about it? –Or are you a fan of the behind-the-scene aspects of movie making? I’d love to meet you! Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

As always, you can follow me on Twitter: Follow @tasialabastro

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