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Let our benches combine

Tonight we’ll be presenting four short plays, each one unified by the central image of a bench. This is the 06 Ensemble’s THE BENCH PROJECT. You might recall my previous posts regarding this -I’m directing a piece called AGAINST WHICH, and acting in another piece, A SIMPLE LIFE. It’s been quite the experience!

We had tech rehearsal the other night and it was nice to add some structure as to how the evening will flow. I had a quick pitstop over at Philz Coffee (as usual) and walked in on trivia night. And look, I actually won something!

The trivia question was in regards to the movie Inception and what ‘Wake up’ word was (It was “Kick”).

It was nice to finally meet everyone involved in the project. Mostly everyone, anyway. Missing in this photo are playwrights Lisa Kang (A SIMPLE LIFE) and Victor Vazquez (AGAINST WHICH), hah, both the pieces I’m involved in…

The Bench Project 2012

AGAINST WHICH, with its brisk nine minute run time, will be up first -I’m really excited to see this one out of the gate. It’s been a pleasure working with Chris and Peter.

Peter Hsieh and Chris Yu Gaoiran, backstage, prepping…

Directing has given me an insight into the type of relationship I would like with actors, and vice versa; Open, organic, stern at times, but ultimately collaborative -that’s how I’ve been able to find the most of the the artistic expression.

Acting in A SIMPLE LIFE, with Jonathan at the director’s helm has been quite the treat. It was nice to receive a note indicating that the relationships between Carolyn and Andrew (the character I play) is at a wonderfully comfortable place.

It’s starting to be clear to me, despite only having two rehearsals, how much acting IS a muscle. It really does need to be worked out, and worked on. The amount of exploration and discovery that can be made on one project alone is mind blowing.

A SIMPLE LIFE cast (minus me), Mimu and Akemi (w/the hat)

To think of the discoveries an actor can make for himself, in the craft, as time and practice progresses…WOW -I want that, I hunger for it. But I digress, tech rehearsal wrapped by 11p with everyone seemingly happy with their pieces and overall look.

I took a moment backstage to snag a bite from some of the garlic cheese bread Jeffrey brought in from Spot a Pizza Place. YUM! Even after sitting there for a couple of hours, the bread was retained a lot of it’s soft crisp and the cheese to garlic taste ratio was perfect!

I think with any project that’s just about to wrap, there’s a anticipatory sense of bittersweet (often when it’s a project you actually like -haha). In this case, yes, the pang of bittersweet is definitely on my lips. I’m bummed it’ll be over tonight, BUT, I’m excited to see what other form this project finds its next manifestation in.

As I always say, Upwards and Onwards!

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