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JAPANESE DEMONS! (And how to date them)

Before you freak out and start accusing me of being racist…relax, it’s just the title of a play that I was cast in for a developmental stage reading hosted by the Playwright Center of San Francisco.

Remember a few months ago, when I participated in “THE MISADVENTURES OF NO ARMS NORMAN“? Well, this is something similar to that except these are full length plays and not one acts. Also, there was no rehearsal for this one and we weren’t required to really act anything out physically, just reading as if you were the character. FUN!

The play is called “JAPANESE DEMONS AND HOW TO DATE THEM” written by Kirk Shimano. It was my first time working with the Playwrights’ Center and I was quite delighted. They hosted the venue at the Boxcar Theatre in San Francisco and going back to photoklutzing, I neglected to take photos of the venue. Bummer. But hey, here’s a photo of the cast reading their scripts!

Direct from the PCSF website, about the play:

“Japanese Demons (and how to date them) combines traditional Japanese folk tales with modern dating anxiety. As Akira tells us the fairytales he learned as a child, we see them blending with his own experiences of finding love, losing love, and being stuck in the limbo between finding and losing love. Akira’s journey takes him through ten folk tales and eighty years of Japanese-American history as he attempts to make sense of the life that he wants to lead.”

And about Kirk Shimano:

“Kirk Shimano was named after Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise – his fate as a nerd has been sealed ever since. Shimano’s Tripped was produced as a Ram’s Head Original Winter One Act and was later featured in the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. His Billy’s Got Issues was published in Masque, a journal of queer art and literary expression. Shimano currently works as a Technical Director at Industrial Light & Magic.”

This was a neat opportunity and a nice contrast to being in front of so many hot lights and on-set downtime. On a side note, I thought it was really cute that they misspelled my name on the check!


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