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I left my alpaca in San Francisco

“Dress in layers.” they told me when I first moved to San Francisco for college.

It’s true! Well, sort of. If you’re hauling around a 15-20lb. bag for miles then the layers mean much less. Which happened to be the case, last Saturday. San Francisco’s weather continues to surprise -it went to balmy romp to toasty stomp, with a quickness.

Holly and I trekked up to SF via Caltrain and arrived to a sunny San Francisco to which I immediately cocked a suspicious eyebrow. Where was the famous overcast weather?! The typical bite of crisp chill air?

Answer: Probably still in Daly City. Result: Easily pooped adventurers.

We made a quick pitstop at Palomino before venturing farther into the city. Food and drinks.

But we did manage to get a few neat shots that I was going to put a short video -shots of Holly…angry (not on purpose of course…I think…hah)

Like a boss.

I’ve made a note to myself to return to the Ferry Building Marketplace on a different day to really take it all in. My eyes darted this way and that, from a clown applying make up under the cool shade of a dumpster to an indoor stall selling mushrooms of all shapes, textures and smells. And the people, oh man, the people -how fun they were to watch!

Especially fun was watching Holly make new friends…

She didn’t get his number, unfortunately…

By noon the sun was beating down on us and I knew I wasn’t going to be happy with the shadows it was going to cast on my photos so I opted not to take any until it was more manageable.

Closer to five, we found ourselves at a familiar spot, Anthony’s Cookies (but not before we had Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers and a quick stop at SWIG -no photos, sorry!) We tried the walnut double chocolate chip, cookies and cream, peanut butter and toffee chip cookies.

Devoured one before I could get a snapshot…

Feed Tasi!

Before leaving the Mission, we ran into two things, in quick succession too: A mural and a van with some goats and an alpaca…no joke!

Well, that’s something you don’t see every day on the streets of San Francisco…


We wrapped the day with some good ole theatre -and one of the reasons we came to the city. We caught The Scottsboro Boys at the American Conservatory Theater and we were joined by two long time friends, Chris and Melissa.

That particular bit irony I found amusing. But we did manage to snag one last photo before leaving.

That was Saturday, in SF with Holly, in a nutshell.

My next trip to SF will be for an audition. The hustle never stops! Onward and upward.

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