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Hair-be-gone and hoagie cheese fun!

Hair today, gone tomorrow. I finally got around lopping off my coconut husk of a hair style. I usually like a shorter hair style, but for reasons that usually relate to on-screen projects, I usually let my hair just grow out.

Now you see it...

Now you don't...kinda...

Lucky alright, lucky to get the haircut you want, haha...

Summer time hair to match summer time weather!

Speaking of summer time, Richard kicked us (Square Marden) off by filming a short piece he had been cooking in his head. After a week long period of preparation that consisted of running around and collecting bits and pieces of prop elements to the short, and pre-mapping camera choreography with Andrew. I can’t share too much except that it’s going to be a step in an interesting contrast to what we currently have in circulation; It has a bit of bite and elements of suspended surrealism that will be fun to watch!

Rich and Andrew explaining camera blocking to extended crew...

On a break...

We're gonna need a clean up on aisle 5...

Stay tuned for “SCENE AND HEARD”…

The week wrapped up with a project and meeting-ful weekend and FOOD! I can’t leave San Francisco without at least stopping by Anthony’s Cookies! This time, with chocolate milk!

Snagged a dozen, for good measure.

You know, these cookies are so good I some times have them before I have meals! They’re that good. But, I’m a fatty and I, along with the guys, were still hungry so we skipped over a few blocks to Phat Philly. It’s a neat joint near 24th Street BART where you can have cheez wiz on your cheesesteak!

They even have a beer infused good!

It's definitely worth a stop...

I ordered the hoagie which was made up of your typical cheesesteak ingredients, but had this amazingly tasty garlic mayo that hooked me. I also ordered, for sharing purposes, criss-cut chili-cheese fries. Their chili (recipe) was made with kobe beef! Nomz.

It's okay to salivate.

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