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Frisky Business

What an amusing week! In addition to my usual banter on blogger, I’m going to add “A week in Public Transportation” and it will include waiting for the bus/train, the actual rides and things that have stood out, and of course all the interesting characters that seem to make every morning, afternoon and evening trip more colorful.

  1. I was FRISKED for weapons while I was waiting for the bus a few days ago. Apparently someone held up a furniture store two blocks from where I lived and I somehow fit the description. HOW AMUSING! I’m dressed in mostly black, with a hoodie on and my hands were dug deep into my pockets. A solid black patrol car, sans sirens, pulls up and asks me directly, “Do you have any weapons on you? Anything, a screwdriver? Can you please put your hands behind your back?” Oh man, oh man, IT WAS GREAT! I was so compliant, not because of fear, but because, heck this is amusing me. It was two detectives, and halfway through the driver-detective chuckled and admitted that I’m probably not the one. Well, gee, what if I was? There WAS a trash can nearby, I could’ve tossed said weapon, but yeah…I didn’t say that out loud though. They drove off soon after, and not five minutes later my bus arrived. I ESCAPED WITH THE MONIES! I’m kidding…or am I?

  2. There was a fella the other day who kept pacing back and forth in the bus playing his harmonica. A woman nearby chatted loudly in language I was not familiar with, and every time he passed her by, he’d play his harmonica louder! Hehe, I chuckled every time.

  3. This evening, on the way home from an audition–four lesbian couples boarded the bus from Santana Row. How…interesting. Not every day does this type of thing occur. I mean, noisy riders, stinky people, hacking & coughing groups–sure, they’re almost common place. But…a herd? pack? What do you call a group of people traveling together, anyway? I was the only other person in the bus, save for the driver. I caught some of their eyes and we respectfully smiled at each other. Cool. I live to fight another day.

As I mentioned in item #3, I had an audition. It was fantastic! The audition was for the Heritage Community Theatre in Campbell. They are currently looking to build a company of actors to pool from. How exciting! It went well, I felt. In fact, I was ecstatic the entire time. The casting directors were quick to put me at ease, and establish a very warm line of communication. I’m eager to see where this will lead. I performed two contrasting monologues and felt that I did my very best, and they were quite receptive.

What a wonderful Friday! I have two other auditions I’m looking forward to. One is with Northside Theatre Company and the other one is the much anticipated Kaiser Permanente Performer’s program. Tally ho!

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