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To flourish.

I like engaging in all manners of creative activity. It is the water to my seed, my growth factor, my balance. Last week I had the opportunity to shoot some portraits with some friends. I met Fleur through a good friend of mine, Liz (a guest blogger of mine), over a year ago and it felt like no time had passed.

I started the day with a modest breakfast (hah)- this ridiculous taco, from The Iron Cactus. It was definitely quantity over quality with this little fella.

With transportation in mind, I suggested we shoot near the Academy of Arts on Townsend. I liked the urban sprawl there, and knew the lighting would be sufficient. Liz did a great job with helping on Fleur’s overall look.

Enzo was a trooper and a good sport! He helped carry around the wardrobe bag and helped with my reflector.

The shoot itself was pretty low key. After a few shots, I’d let Fleur give it a look. They were for her, after all.

We managed to crack past 150 photos in less than an hour, covered about three blocks, and three quick wardrobe changes. Note to self: Ask Liz to join me on all photo shoots…what a rockstar!

It was over before we knew it, and soon I was on a train back to San Jose- but before that, I was treated to lunch at Whole Foods! I snagged some hearty goodness, in a box.

Here are some photos from the series.

Playful soul!

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