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To flourish.

I like engaging in all manners of creative activity. It is the water to my seed, my growth factor, my balance. Last week I had the opportunity to shoot some portraits with some friends. I met Fleur through a good friend of mine, Liz (a guest blogger of mine), over a year ago and it felt like no time had passed.

I started the day with a modest breakfast (hah)- this ridiculous taco, from The Iron Cactus. It was definitely quantity over quality with this little fella.

Liz, Fleur and Liz’s younger brother, Enzo, arrived soon after and it was off to the races! I had an audition scheduled later that day so I was trying to keep a good balance of relaxing, enjoying company, working and making sure I’m able to bring the most of myself to the audition (which I booked!).

With transportation in mind, I suggested we shoot near the Academy of Arts on Townsend. I liked the urban sprawl there, and knew the lighting would be sufficient. Liz did a great job with helping on Fleur’s overall look.

Enzo was a trooper and a good sport! He helped carry around the wardrobe bag and helped with my reflector.

It was fun watching Liz and Fleur work on looks together. There was a warmth between them that I couldn’t help but admire. And shoot.

The shoot itself was pretty low key. After a few shots, I’d let Fleur give it a look. They were for her, after all.

It was my first time back behind the lens for a photoshoot in a while. It took some adjusting, mostly with the pants, because of all the squatting that comes with the territory. I kid, I kid. But no, really, there’s a full work out when tackling the camera.

We managed to crack past 150 photos in less than an hour, covered about three blocks, and three quick wardrobe changes. Note to self: Ask Liz to join me on all photo shoots…what a rockstar!

It was over before we knew it, and soon I was on a train back to San Jose- but before that, I was treated to lunch at Whole Foods! I snagged some hearty goodness, in a box.

Laughs, conversation and good company; All in all, it was a memorable shoot.

Here are some photos from the series.

Playful soul!

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