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Everything in moderation…

…is something I didn’t think I’d be applying to productiveness. But there it is, I’ve said it. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But hold on a tick, to what am I referring to? Ah, please accept my apology for dropping you into the fire, so to speak. Alright, follow along and perhaps you can suggest a remedy for me. If it’s a remedy I should need, that is.

October and November have been blessed me with opportunities to finally work on some personal growth, both in the field of film and post-production workflow. (Gizmo dizmo lingo tier 1, ya dig?) In addition, some recent changes in the home department (more on this in a future blog!) have presented me with more choices as to how to approach other activities I’ve put aside for four years, case in point, auditioning, acting and photography.

I adore movie-making, but every once in a while I forget that it’s such a painstaking long process. No never mind if all of it went according to plan, or if you bumbled all the way through–it doesn’t matter, it takes time to complete projects; At the very least, projects I care about. On the front of acting and photography, boy, it’s a flip flop of joyful bliss and a looming sense of overwhelming terror. Allow me to dissect: I’m slowly trying to reintroduce myself back in the field of performance and I’d like to say it’s like ridin a bike, except not. It’s more like, riding a unicycle–and, riding a unicycle when you haven’t even mastered it in the first place. But hey, there’s a fun in that kind of uncertainty. -heck, if there wasn’t I would’ve stuck to my microbiology major in college! Har.

As far as photography goes, it’s a juggling act of honing the craft with what existing equipment I have in my current possession and figuring out what I should purchase next to both challenge myself in the art and to increase my value as a photographer. I’d say it’s a healthy respect for the art and for myself, wouldn’t you agree? -Speaking of which, if anyone is looking for a photographer, I do enjoy working on candid outdoors type of photography, please let me know. You can find my photoblog (albeit not as updated as I’d like it to be) here:

(If you’re wondering if there’s an actual point to this post, no, there isn’t. I’m just trying to unload all the dialogue in my head I’ve been passing around like mental gas.)

I mentioned earlier the days have been bleeding with a sense of joyful bliss and looming overwhelming terror. Are you familiar with the feeling? It’s waking up and being excited about what the day will bring and what new challenges lay ahead, but then realizing that a portion of the day will be spent at the day job, which then cuts into any time that would have otherwise been dedicated to creative projects that promote art and personal growth. (There it is! That’s the daily dread.)

Phew…now that that’s out of my head–I’ve come to two conclusions:

Either I’ve found a way to complain about something I shouldn’t be worried about, or, Earth needs to adopt more hours in the day.


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