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Don’t mind the roundhouse

March. I can’t say enough about this month.

Or maybe there’s just too much to say about this month that I’m immediately overwhelmed when I decide to write about it –hmm. Food for thought. This past weekend tossed me in the arms of several neat projects.

Adobe Youth Voices camp. I can’t say enough about these young adults. They’ve been spending the last few weeks piecing together short films that share a message; To have their voices heard. Or in this case, seen.

One of the rooms in Adobe used to edit. Pictured, L-R Tasi Alabastro, Richard Gali, Edward Flores, Ja Shia (on the comp)

The weekend wrapped off with a hike to location with some friends from The Stunt People. It’s a side project of theirs, I believe. I’m not allowed to share too much information about it -but here are some behind-the-scene photos I took! (For the rest of the batch, visit my Flickr:

Right before calling Action. Pictured L-R, Alivin Hsing, Bryan Cartago, Lucas Hisashi Okuma and Edward Kahana

Annnnnnnd reach!

Last one, for good measure. Low bridge, flying round house type kick thing!

We were hiking back down by 4:30ish and I was able to make my last engagement of the day…

GUEST JUDGING TheatreWork‘s Young Artists in Residence‘s 24 Hour Play Festival (boy that’s a mouthful). Here the kids are given 24 hours to conceive, write, direct, rehearse, and put on a short play! It reminds me a lot of the 48 Hour Film Festivals the guys of Square Marden and I participate in.

The mentors and producers, Jake Arky and Sylvia Hathaway

Only two of the three guest judges were able to make it (myself included) and they gave us a list of criteria to consider when watching the plays. There were a total of 10. And while we awarded only the top three, everyone was a winner (IMO) because at the end of 24 hours, they were able to make something out of nothing! My hats off to them all.

The wrap of a wonderful day...

Do you find yourself surrounded by the Arts -what are your thoughts about being a busy body in your passion and career? I’d love to hear it! Please used the comment box below, and as always, don’t forget to subscribe via e-mail (button the far right) so you never miss a post!

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