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Dodging Bullets

Dodging bullets, not literally of course…

That’s the name of the other short play I’ve been cast in for 06 Ensemble’s The Bench Project II (seven plays total).

It’s written and directed by 06 Ensemble’s co-founding member, Skyler Garcia. I applaud his debut (both in writing and directing) effort! The script reads well; pacing is fantastic, content is engaging, and it really offers a lot to an actor.

I’m re-lacing the combat boots and assuming the role of Captain Bautista, who, in the midst of a fire fight confesses something to his subordinate, Private Mercado (played by the ever wonderful, Jonathan Amores). There’s definitely a sense of hyper-realism that graces the pages and it’s fun to try some choices that I might have otherwise discarded if it were a more naturalistic piece.

A quick read through before starting. L-R: Jonathan Amores, Skyler Garcia, Me

As this was only the second time we’ve had a chance to read this out loud, and together, naturally there were some script suggestions that developed organically. This process is one of my favorite aspects of rehearsal- it really feels like a collaboration. And that through this collaboration, a project can really take on a growth that feels organic. Which for me, is a much more memorable experience all altogether.

Rehearsal itself moved at a brisk pace; going from reading, to simple blocking, to talking about the circumstances the characters are finding themselves in, then back to some of the more logistical aspects of the characters. For example, how to hold a firearm, how might someone react to battlefield stimulus, and how might the environment play in their tactics.

Another one of my favorite things about these collaborations are the opportunities to meet new people…or in this case, this fella!

His name is Scully, and this photo does not do him justice. He’s a massive ball of muscle on four legs who, despite my initial trepidation (long story, for another entry), was quite the teddy bear!

Tomorrow night, I’m back to rehearsal for The Lookout–here’s to another great week!

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