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I’m stealing from a fellow artist and guest blogger, Zillah, when I say that. Catapult.

The last couple of weeks have been a wild rush; a combination of catching up, re-orienting, discovering, and mind challenges.

Two weeks ago I transitioned from TheatreWorks to San Jose Repertory Theatre (yes, back to the Rep); from part-time work to a full-time all in gig. I’m working as their Outreach Associate- that includes The Red Ladder Theatre Company, Rep on Tour, and various Outreach programs.

Rehearsal with other Red Ladder Company members, Melissa and Lance- prepping for corporate training at Ebay/Paypal

The cubicle.

Running the camera during Insight Night for an upcoming show, The Death of the Novel

Ebay/Paypal, candidates in training- letting go and jumping into their imagination!

I especially enjoyed the Ebay/Paypal day- for one, it was off-site and secondly, we were fed! Glutton free, I might add.



Both, at the same time…I don’t know. Something like that.

It’s been that kind of two weeks; back to the familiar, but with a whole new light. Every day has been different, and I appreciate that. One of the fears I had when I thought about full-time job was mundane routines. I shuddered at the thought- but no, so far I’ve had a blast! The job has me engaged in imagination and creativity- that’s a win.

Mold it. It’s in your hands.

To top it off, I’m still involved with a show outside of work! And I’ve been able to audition (and book!) for a couple of side projects. But that’s for another day to write.

Grateful. -pulting.

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