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Callbacks are hot!

Hearing someone say “We’d like you at the Callbacks” is probably one of the hottest things an actor (or performer) can hear, well…second to “You’re hired, rehearsals start at…” I went to an audition the other day for Northside Theatre Company’s “Picasso at Lapin Agile”. The play is about the evening Albert Einstein meets Pablo Picasso in a bar in France. There’s a wonderful array of characters and the one I ended up reading for was for Charles Dabernow Schmendimen, an idiot inventor, who provides additional comic relief to an already laugh out loud show.

At any rate, I attended the Callbacks today ran into one other person (that I was aware of) that read for the role. At the end, I wasn’t feeling too great about my chances. It felt like I could’ve done more while on stage–but in practice I always allow myself five to ten minutes to really dwell on it before moving on. Onward, as I’ve mentioned in the past. Onward.

I had plenty of fun with it though, the fact that two cast mates AND the director of my current show, Pandemonium, were present really made for a comfortable atmosphere. The three of us, sans-director, ended up dining at Pasta Pomodoro. The latter being useless information. Aside from this exciting event, I’ve been spending my days squeezing some creative juices into Photoshop and listening to some old school Mariah Carey. YES….Mariah Carey. What? She was great! Well–whatever, I’m going to post a video of hers and you’re going to like it! So there, neener neener neener.

Mariah Carey – Heartbreaker ft. Jay-Z

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