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An empty wallet but a full heart

For most artists, balancing basic life needs and passionate artistic endeavors is a constant see-saw. It’s a difficult road, which I suspect many artists never quite make –being able to support themselves doing what they’re passionate about. But taking it day-by-day is a great step.

I started the day off with a good read. And no, it wasn’t The Hunger Games.

It’s no secret I’d like to do more directing, but, I’m mostly reading this to learn more about that side of the process. Conversely, I think any Director would benefit a great deal by taking a couple of acting classes. Right?

Decided to take a quick stroll through the Mountain View Farmer’s Market, and bought another batch of those delicious samosas I had last time.

It was the final performance of Now Circa Then and I was out of there as soon as the show started -and I went racing back to Ramen House Ryowa! I decided not o get what I had last time and instead tried the House Ryowa and a side of fried rice (they only serve one kind).

The Ryowa ramen was tasty. The broth wasn’t as thick as the tonkatsu I had last time, but it has a much more –how should I say this, “on-the-go” feel; Perfect for those on a lunch break.

The fried rice had this wonderful consistency to it. There was plenty of flavors happening, for friend rice. Only gripe I could think of is, it was a little oily. I’ll try it again next time and see…

I spent the next four hours on public transportation heading to Richard’s place for our scheduled scriptwriting session.

Along the way, there was a marijuana dealer on the bus trying to sell….”coffee…the King of coffee”…hah! In case you were wondering, that was street code for weed.

That's him, on the left with the black cap and aviator glasses...

I ended up snagging a two hour nap at Richard’s and woke up to him just adding the finishing touches to dinner. Dinner for three! Janely was over for a little bit before heading out…

Wrapped the night off working on adapting Jeffrey Lo’s play called “THE CRUEL CONTINUOS CYCLE of MALE/FEMALE RELATIONSHIPS in SIX SCENES” and right now it’s looking good as a web-series.

Called it a night at 1am. Solid.

It’s been a terrific day; Stomach was fed, and so was my heart. Here’s to more days like this.

Are you an artist struggling to find this balance? Or have you found some success in your journey? I’d love to hear about it! Leave me a comment below, or as always, you can Tweet me Follow @tasialabastro

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