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Adding venture to Square Marden

Richard and I spent the day exercising our imaginations.

If you don’t already know who Richard is, he’s a good friend of mine I met through an audition he posted on Craigslist. Long story short, we’ve been buds since that faithful meeting (2006). We’re currently co-founders (2 of 4) to a media production company called Square Marden.

Now you know!

I haven’t had an agenda-free Saturday in a while, and coincidentally neither has Richard –so we spent the day looking at ways to add value to our Square Marden productions. On that list were costume shopping, location scouting, chatting about how we’re going to execute some of our stories, and eating.

We scored some XLR cables that were on an Easter Day sale (only $5)! Just in time too, Rich managed to snag us a Senheiser ME-66 on the cheap and I’ve got a boompole x shockmount on the way, so these cables are going to come in handy!

It was about noon by the time we were done shopping, so we fueled up. The only way we knew how. SUBWAY (sandwiches)!

We both grabbed the tuna sandwich with egg with it. WAIT, before you say, “EWWW”…try it. Everything’s better with egg. Unless you’re vegetarian/vegan…

We did a bit of costume shopping immediately after lunch.

What do you think? And yes, it’s as fun as it looks.

We wrapped the rest of the day with a last minute round of location scouting. We intended to actually shoot something but couldn’t think of anything to shoot (waka waka). Apart from that minor hiccup, and not finding suitable mustaches to buy, we managed to get a lot done.

Here’s a quick put-together-clip of some of the locations we found. I went ahead and tried out some color correction/themes to them…

Bay Area resident? If so, do you have any locations you’d like to share with us? Remember, you can always leave a comment in the box below –and don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss an update! And as always, you can reach me on Twitter: Follow @tasialabastro and Richard at Follow @richardgali, oh and Square Marden Follow @squaremarden

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