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What the Tech!

I wrapped my first day of tech rehearsal as a follow spot operator for San Jose Repertory Theatre‘s production of SPRING AWAKENING yesterday! That’s right, I’m working in the theatre on a non-acting gig which brings me to the follow conclusion: I’m just addicted to learning and experiencing all aspects that surround the craft of Acting. Or maybe I just like the free food they have laying around, I don’t know, both are valid, on most days. Hah!

Step into my office...

It’s true what they say though, ‘surround yourself with what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’. That is, what they say, right? It was a solid 12 hour work day at Tech and I expected no less. You may be wondering, ‘Tas, why would you want to work tech? I thought you were an actor…’. Well Sally, I can call you Sally right? Okay, well Sally –to answer yours question, I’m just hungry. And no, I don’t mean hungry, like a hippo. I mean, hungry as in a state of insatiable acquisition of life experience and knowledge.

You see, when I’m not immersed in the actual practice of performing, I love working on things that relate to it. I’ve had a chance to see SPRING AWAKENING when the touring show came around town and I really enjoyed it. So, when the Production Manager at SJ Rep invited me to be a part of it as a follow spot operator, I was quick to pounce on the opportunity. I’ve always been curious about the tech side of things (just like film production) and this would be a perfect way to observe just that, in addition to providing me time to observe the performances.

Win-win situation, if you ask me.

The irony in all of this is is that I’m afraid of heights–well, the sensation of falling. So, to be so high up, looking down, haha…I’m literally facing my fear. And so far so good! Sometimes during the rehearsal I’d forget I was inches away from falling to my death, but hey, the show must go on, right? I’m glad you always have my back Sally. (By the way, I don’t know a single person named Sally…)

On a side note, yesterday was one of my closet friend’s 25th Birthday! So, Happy Birthday Richard, sorry I couldn’t be there for your party. But here’s a special shout out and picture of a Moose to celebrate!

Moose. Hi.

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