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We’re right here on Avenue Q!

I had the good fortune to attend San Jose Stage Company‘s production of AVENUE Q. I missed the touring company entirely when they were performing in San Francisco. I was determined not to miss it this time around. Also, considering the fact that San Jose Stage Co. is a mere 10 minute walk from my apartment, I had no excuse! Another big reason for my excitement, outside of Avenue Q being an reputed ‘amazing’ show, my friend Rinabeth was in the cast! She was playing Christmas Eve, hah!

Thanks to some industry help, I was able to secure two tickets. I invited my roomie, Francis, along with me and we made a fine night out of it.

And we're here!

The show was in its second (I think) extension and was glad to see that it was still a packed house.

Alright! Theatregoers.

I could probably go on and on about how much I really enjoyed the show and all the details but I’ll just post the tweets I managed to post during intermission and post-show.

I don’t get to see many musicals but boy do I love em’. This one in particular recaptured my imagination and has inspired me to bump up vocal lessons on my priority list, hah. Oh and buy a puppet. A legit one!

The roomie and I.

The roomie and I.

Thanks again San Jose Stage, I had a blast!


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