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Three things I want to finish before 2013

But probably won’t.

The end of the year holiday rush is upon us. Droves of people flocking to the malls and outlets to get their last minute shopping in; ribbons, wrappers, and scotch tape are being pieced together with a flurry not unlike that of an expert swordsman in a battlefield. Or some other flurriest thing…

Here are three things I want to finish doing before 2013…but probably won’t.

Finish writing Amazon reviews

  1. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to place more than a handful of purchases on Amazon and I’ve always felt I should repay the service by providing feedback to the item(s). One day I’ll get around to writing how spectacular the external mic I purchased has been performing. Or how the books I’ve ordered have kept me sane through the lonely nights. Or even how beautiful the images are coming out from my new camera lens. Someday Amazon, someday…

Finish writing my Highlights of 2013

  1. Let’s face it, it’s December 30th and I’m still writing my Things I want to finish before 2013 post! Okay, so maybe it’s a little meta. But whatever, fact of the matter is, it’s tough writing those damn highlight of the year posts! I keep telling myself every year that I’d just keep updating one entry until the end of the year and edit from there. Does it happen? NOPE! I am 2012’s Procastriwriter of the Year!

Finish the video games I bought

  1. As a testament to who busy I am (or how little focus I have), I’ve yet to finish any of the six games I bought in the latter half of 2013. Not to say that they’re uninteresting, no, quite the contrary. Some of these games are so engrossing it’s almost scary how lost I can be in them. Which is a reason I only handle them in small doses. HOWEVER, I’ve turned that negative into something positive (I hope) and finally got around creating something I’ve wanted to do since the year 2000’s! And that something is, a gaming channel on YouTube! That’s right- a gaming channel on YouTube. I plan to turn what could be a negative thing of playing too many video games into something that resembles productivity. How will it pan out in 2013? I don’t know the answer to that, but I’m excited to explore this new path. I wrote a separate blog about it on the Tumblr I’ve dedicated to it.


With the clock counting down on 2012, what are some of the things YOU wish you could have wrapped before the new year? Leave a comment below, or feel free to tweet me Follow @tasialabastro

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