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The Bench Project

There’s a handful of recurring theatrical/cinematic themes in my career, so far; I’m slowly finding myself playing or directing a piece that involves me 1. being married, 2. on and/or around a bench and finally 3. being slapped.

In two weeks I’ll be adding another notch to those elements! I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to direct (my first ever) a one act short play! Within the same stroke of luck, I’ve also been cast in one of the other pieces. I’ll be working with the 06 Ensemble’s BENCH PROJECT.

The Bench Project is produced by Jeffrey Lo (he was also one of my March guest bloggers), who, if you have been keeping up with my blog also produced the New Play Development Factory at Dragon Productions Theatre Company, in Palo Alto. This time around, it’s fully staged pieces. The timeline is incredibly condensed and all the elements seem to be coming together at lighting speed.

Between coordinating the final day of shooting for JUST LIKE THAT, and shooting/editing projects (more on this in a future blog) on the side, it feels a bit overwhelming to make sure I’m off book for one play, and maintaining an vision for another. Impossible? Hardly. Challenging…most definitely. But that’s the trick though, isn’t it? To challenge the artistry? To grow through failure, to find relationships through the work…all of those things coalesce into a career/lifetime worth remembering. That’s how I feel, anyway.

I’m nervous, anxious, amped, and inspired.

And not always in that order, or exclusivity! –I just transitioned out of the calm before the calm before the storm (don’t worry, you read that right) In the next few days I’ll be posting updates on the play I’m rehearsing as an actor, “THE SIMPLE LIFE”, by Lisa Kang; With other posts dedicated to my experience directing “AGAINST WHICH”, by Victor Vazquez – starring Chris Yu Gaoiran and Peter Hsieh.

You can read about Jeffrey’s take on it -and about the directors here:

In the meantime, please mark your calendars: JUNE 30th, 8p, 535 Alma Street, Palo Alto.

If you plan on coming, be sure to hop on over to the Facebook event page, or leave me a comment below..or as always, you can tweet me at: Follow @tasialabastro

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