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Mondays have a reputation for being the least enjoyable day of the week. At least Wednesday gets the cool nickname like “hump day” and weekends are, in most cases, a time for R & R. Today’s Monday has been an exception. I wasn’t on the schedule but I swooped in to work to swap clothing and fit in a quick morning work out at the gym.

I jumped on the bus on the way back home and excused myself from this mother and her two children that had their stroller littered on the aisle. A minute later this other lady turns to me and laughs exclaiming, “Wow, you have a big smile on your face” and proceeds to smile and laugh. Hah! It’s funny that she caught that because I did beam a smile at the mother as I crossed over. I just thought it was interesting that that other lady would find it fascinating.

The oddballs didn’t end there. I went to the barbershop directly after my bus trip and instead of getting my usual barber, I get the trainee (who I wasn’t aware at the time, was a trainee). About 3/4 of the way through, my usual barber finishes with her customer and comes over to inspect. She then grabs her clipper and starts working on my hair too. Never have I ever had two barbers work on me at the SAME time. The feeling of two clippers buzzing atop my scalp was a quasi relaxing (if not tingly) sensation. I would love to have taken a picture of myself the moment I had both clippers dancing on my head.

Conclusion: It was a pleasant day off filled with infectious smiling and a barbershop menage a trois.

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