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Que que?! The belly filla’ quesadilla!

It’s my third day and it started bright and early again. Compared to yesterday, it was (supposed) to be a shorter day. Was that really going to be the case? The funny thing is, because they’ve covered all the windows to create a day for night atmosphere, we were having “dinner” during lunch…so when we finally broke for lunch, it totally threw me off!

Yesterday was Mediterranean, today –thai! One full plate of chicken pad thai and some curry fried rice.

Exactly my thaip. Heh heh heh...

As much as I wanted to go back for anther helping, I was keeping the next few hours in mind. The dinner scene was going to be just that—acting and eating of (more) prop foods! The crew put together some pretty tasty quesadillas!

Amara working on our edible prop kim-cheese quesadilla (photo courtesy of Lynn Chen)

The anticipation! (photo courtesy of Lynn Chen)

Mr. Director, the Quesadillas are ready for their close-up. (photo courtesy of Lynn Chen)

I think folks were just happy to be enjoying one of those semi-rare beautifully sunny days.

After some sun soaking, we were back at the table, but let me take a moment and give you a glimpse non-food type things…

The fellas of YWO. L-R: Tasi Alabastro, Kerry Mccrohan, Dave Boyle, Parry Shen (photo courtesy of Dave Boyle)

Dave with Lynn and Sheetal, what a guy. ;D

Okay, enough oogling–back to work!

Meet Seng, our DP...and the cannon on his shoulder...OooOo!

Seng likes creeping around us, tee hee...

There was a limited batch of quesadillas so we had to be careful on how much we were consuming them. Dave, on the other hand, incorporated this hilarious string of strange character quirks. I’m pretty sure if he didn’t have another quesadilla for months, he’d be perfectly okay with that…

Also, this was my last day with Sheetal, how lucky am I? Eh eh eh? *nudge* She was wonderful–clear, direct and playful. She was a lot of fun to watch on set. I especially enjoyed how warm and organic (despite it being only for a brief second) our interactions were as our characters.

Sheetal showing off a Whale Tail that Lynn was able to snag for set/craft services. (photo courtesy of Lynn Chen)

(photo courtesy of Lynn Chen)

Before we wrapped, I stumbled on this piece of art —I knew food united, but…this…well, this is something else! Props to the ladies who put it together, haha.

The United Chips of Foodages...

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