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On to the fun(due)!

–Okay okay, that’s the last time I’ll make that cheesy reference to our food star.

With lunch behind us we moved back into the apartment and prepped for the dinner scene. They scheduled two days to shoot this scene, thoughtfully dividing into more manageable time usage. (I’d like to think so anyway)

They did a wonderful job keeping the vibrancy of the vegetables by shocking/blanching them. (photo courtesy of Lynn Chen)

Soon vegetables were ready for our grubby hands to be all over them.

Glad I actually liked eating my vegetables as a kid. (photo courtesy of Lynn Chen)

The dipping bread. (photo courtesy of Lynn Chen)

I knew there was going to be a lot of fake (or not so fake) face stuffing but I couldn’t help marvel at how neat this scene was going to be.

And just off of this frame...the centerpiece... (photo courtesy of Lynn Chen)

Hellooooooooo jarlsberg fondue!

How lucky are we?! (photo courtesy Lynn Chen)

What isn’t pictured here are the glasses of “wine” (grape juice) we had. For some reason, I felt compelled to completely down whatever was put in my glass. It made sense for my character to do it, at the moment anyway.

The table, from another angle. (photo courtesy of George Nguyen)

The scene was thrilling to be a part of. Each take brought about new life to the words in the script. There were a few pages of dialogue to burn through and with so much back and forth, there were also a great many angles to shoot them in.

A quick break between the shooting. (photo courtesy of Sean Anthony Totanes)

It was closing in on a 12 hour day by the time we wrapped but there’s always that bit of adrenaline that runs through you post-day wrap and this day was no different.

Again, I feel blessed to be part of this very rad experience.


A special thank you to Lynn for letting me use so many of her photos –next time I’ll avoid being such a photoklutz. Ironic considering I love taking photos!

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