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Ohana means Family, says Stitch. pt. 2 of 2

The next morning started off at Janely’s place where we decided to sleepover. And by sleepover, I mean…

Right, sleepover...

We didn’t hear about Andrew’s misfortune until early Saturday morning, and by then we were in a sleep-haze. But as soon as it registered, all of us were in assemble and wanted to see our, dare I add dramatic flair, fallen brother.

What happened to him was undeserved and while words will not return what was stolen (outside of the material, the feeling of having your space violated lingers in the deep recess of the psyche), we were hoping to see him, so, after some arranging with parties involved, we snagged some passes into Great America.

We're here!

We had a slew of friends performing at the Kababayan Festival including AJ Rafael, American Idol Finalist, Andrew Garcia, and LEGACI (who, if you didn’t already know, tour with Justin Beiber as his back-up singers) –in fact, we had a whole bunch of friends there! Lol…too many to list, really.

It was the first time the fellas and I have been to Great America as a group so we decided to, well…when in Rome…

Riding the rides baby!

What the guys didn’t know (they know now, haha) was that I get REALLY nervous riding roller-coasters. Like, really nervous. But, hey, I got on because I wanted to have fun with the guys!

Boarding Flight Deck, L-R: Richard Gali, Leejay Abucayan, Erin Paula, Tasi Alabastro, Jay Castro, The back of Geoff Olegario's head

After more romping around, we decided to snag some grub. Lo and behold, park food!

Corn dogs and curly fries. Summer magic.

We jumped right back into the festival just as our pal AJ started his set. It was a great turn out!

There were more people off camera...

All in all a out and about weekend. We’re still hoping the fella who decided to jack Andrew will get caught, but..yeah. Oh well.


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