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Ohana means Family, says Stitch. pt. 1 of 2

And Kababayan, according to Wiki, means:

Kababayan is a Tagalog word that means fellow Filipino, countryman, or townmate. It is used throughout the Philippines and throughout the various Philippine languages.

I felt this weekend had that theme interwoven with all the activities I found myself in. The fellas (Square Marden, minus one) and I scheduled a creative writing/idea session this weekend and we kicked it off the way we normally do on the first day/night: Food, drinks, and laughter.

We, as a group, christened the whiteboard I purchased some weeks ago. Appropriately, I might add.

Square Marden!

The only one missing from the group was Andrew. He was representing us at an event in SF. –more on this later. Francis, my roommate, scored a package of shrimp from his Family’s Fourth of July get together. We broke it up and he served em up in butter and garlic. Honestly, you don’t need much more than that. Heaven.

Shrimp, glorious shrimp!

Some hotdogs..sure, why not...

Our bun substitute: Some thin wheat type thing that we used to soak up the shrimp sauce coupled with La Vic’s orange sauce and peeled shrimp and hotdogs.

Check these buns out! Not suggestive at all.

GEEZ, bizarre but ultimately, a mouthgasm.


Our Friday night turned out quite the way we wanted it to, cheerful and in high spirits.

Except, on the other side of the Bay, our brother-in-arms, Andrew had his car broken in to (of way of shattered glass by brick) and was thieved of his laptop and camera bag. I amassed a basket’s worth of cusswords, but it won’t help getting his gear back—-Pardon the expression but, Karma’s a calculating b!tch and whoever it was that committed the act will get their comeuppance.

On and unrelated note, a friend posted on her Twitter, “Why do they call it ear of corn?” –and honestly, I always wondered that too! So, I went looking it up and here’s what I found:

Knowledge is Power!

Speaking of Twitter, remember, I’m on there too!Follow @tasialabastro

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