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Oh man, it’s March already!

I missed Cinequest entirely last year and that was probably because I wasn’t feeling like I was in the right place, physically and mentally. This year, however, I’ve treated myself to indulging in all sorts of short and feature films and an incredibly touching and tear jerking documentary called, “Dear Zachery”. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I plan on blogging my Cinequest experience at a later time when the entire event wraps up.

In the meantime, rehearsals for Pandemonium is creeping up and I’m excited in every way! It gets lonely and boring coming home from work and even though I’m quite passionate about the work I do at the Rep (Box Office Customer Service), I’m aching to be part of something closer the stage (or around a camera). The San Jose Repertory Theatre general auditions are coming up so preparing for that specifically will take up some of my time quite nicely.

There’s not much to report outside of theatre life except that I am the proud owner of a small tub of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia icecream. I’m sure somewhere out there is another person with an identical tub of the same flavor BUT I can guarantee you that I’ll have cherry and chocolate chips in different locations from theirs. Thus, mine is unique. And in the same sense, so is theirs. Oh no! I’m…I’m…..AHHHHH!!! Must….have….cherr….gar…..cream!

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